Helpful tips for improve your site’s appearance

Helpful tips for improve your site’s appearance

Does your site have all the features that can dramatically reduce bounce rates and make your customers remain longer on your site? If you’re not sure then take a look these helpful tips that are sure to improve your site’s appearance and increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site.

Protect your website from congestion and clutter

Be sure that your website pages don’t have any visual clutter that confuses viewers. The overcrowding of numerous images and images deprives your website of its originality because it learn more   diverts the attention of viewers away from the content. The paragraphs should not be too long because it can be boring to read, which is a major challenge to keep the attention of the viewers. They must be concise and short in length. They generally should not go over more than 5 to 6 lines.

Considering the Fold

“The Fold” usually refers to the portion of the website page that is accessible without scrolling. Because it is the area that is visible to online users Therefore, important features that include strong calls to action and vital contact information about your company, such as a phone number and email address must be included in the upper part of your website.

Using Dummy Tools

Lorem Ipsum is the term that most web designers employ for creating placeholders for text that look like dummy text for their websites. It is useful in the majority of instances where the text isn’t yet completed. This allows the web designer at any web design company to design the site without waiting to content writers, that could otherwise impede the process. Utilizing them speeds up the entire design process. For photographs and pictures, designers are able to make use of images as the Lorem Ipsum equivalent for images that allows designers to utilize placeholder images that are dummy.

Reactive design is Mandatory

It is crucial that your website design is mobile-friendly and accessible on any electronic device. The layout should be designed so that users are able to enjoy a great user experience, and has a continuous capability with minimal scrolling, without any inconvenience on multiple devices. The website must be able to cater any dimension or resolution.

Use Proper Style Guides

A standard style guide is crucial to produce excellent results when it comes to web design. Style guides, in actual they are very popular among web designers since it aids in creating uniform styles. Guides are offered as documents or books, and include instructions that detail all the specifics including labelling the essentials to numbers. Web designers can also develop styles guides of their own in order to ensure consistency throughout the design process. Style guides are essential when there are multiple individuals working on a project, like freelance writers who work in various places. If text needs to be presented in a variety of ways, and there is a lot of variation on heavy websites these Guides to Style Guides can be useful.


With A/B testing, you can conduct a variety of tests and determine if your ideas are effective or not. It’s an excellent method to explore different options and evaluate its effectiveness. It will help you determine if a design is working or not, and whether you’ll need to add another feature. These decisions are made by testing various elements of the design, which is actually an idea. Testing users on a regular basis to improve your website design is a continuous process. If you can master this skill you’ll be in greater control of testing and implementing new concepts.

Every page is an ‘Landing Page’

Every page on the web is essential for users. Apart from your homepage each page is important from the point of perspective. Whatever page visitors visit through your site must be well created. The fact is, according to research, is that of the majority of visits to most websites visitors will visit a page that is not your homepage. So, you must have important information and an attractive design on each page of your site.

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